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Innovative Smart Luminous

RGB LED Wall Art Panels






INNOVATIVE LED Art Piece- WiFi Controlled Art Piece- Sensual LED Light Collection- Modern and Minimalist Neon Light- Multicolors Art Design-Perfect Décor



Illumi Arts is a new brand of interior RGB LED lighting fixtures. They are unique, functional, efficient, safe and affordable RGB LED wall lights with changeable art panels. They bring together the best of both worlds in interior design, while having beautiful art pierces with unique color changing LED lights to enhance various spaces.   

The new light products have dual-purpose indoor use serving two functions. With modern/classic art, the piece serves as simple wall décor during the day. But in the evening, the luminous colors come to life to provide a unique lighting experience.

They are great for personalizing modern interior design, including hotel (lobby, hallways, rooms and suites), homes, boardrooms, offices, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, office lobby spaces, corporate Logo's and  lots more. Using the “app,” with any IPhone/IPad/Android device can control the LEDs and explore countless color options. Fixtures are UL & CE listed.

Designer, Farah Barnes, all copyrights reserved, APV 2022

Size: 12.7 X 12.7 X 0.78 (IN), 324 X 324 X 20 (MM)

Short Specifications

Current Collections





lllumi Arts Custom Size Fixtures  



Expand your vision bringing a new dimension to your living space, with custom features.

Materials: Plexiglas and Mirrored Stainless Steel

Contact us for all inquiries. 





Illumi Arts Custom Panels

Create a memorable encounter between light, art and animation that will enhance the ordinary. We can manufacture lights to meet your vision. 

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