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                                             O U R  S T O R Y


APV Inc. is a USA corporation located in Vienna, Virginia (Head office) with a branch office in Washington D.C. APV   Architectural Lighting Design) came into existence in 1994 and has a record of success and achievement in museum exhibition design, custom light features, architectural lighting design, interior design and architectural design. APV has won many prestigious National and International lighting awards.

We collaborate as a team to produce innovative, cost effective and energy efficient lighting system. APV strives to combine state of the art lighting technology with ongoing research and on-site analysis of traditional approaches toward energy conservation. APV applies time-honored methods of balancing the use of natural and artificial light in Architecture. Its team of lighting design professionals enables APV to produce a fully integrated quality and creative design solutions from the concept through to completion of each project, under Farah Barnes’ creative design and leadership.






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